Saturday, August 23, 2014

Utah August 2014 Part One- True Story

I know that when you read part one in a title of a post you roll your eyes. It's just that I have so many feelings….

 Three weeks ago I put my sister, my 5 kids, 3 of our bikes and the puppy in the car and drove from VA to UT. I am heading home in about a week making this the longest and most needed vacation/non-vacation I have ever taken. 

  When I had been here two days something happened that made me say out loud, "Aw man! I've only been here two days and the highlight of the trip has already happened!"

 Well, I'm happy to report that there have been many highlights, but I wanted to share this one. It was a story from my dad. 

 My dad and I were walking through Costco which could have been a highlight itself. I adore my dad and the Utah Costcos are amazing. Really, they have better stuff here. But it gets better. 

 We pass the dress shirts and my dad says that he wants to try to look for a replacement shirt because he ruined one. 

"How did you ruin it?" I ask. 

"I fell.

off a segway

in East Hampton

in front of my former boss and a bunch of nuclear physicists."

And it was a totally true story. How, I ask, can things get any better after an explanation like that?


Jennifer McArthur said...

So glad you're writing again. I love your blog.

Karen said...

Superb! Love you!