Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I don't think so

After two 19 hour days in a row, I am exhausted. Zeke just trotted over to me with a chipper look in his eyes and a ball in his mouth, wanting to play a lively game of fetch. It was the dog sent me over the limit of what I was willing to do for other people today and I said out loud to him, "I don't think so." And then completely reflexively, the next words that came out of my mouth were, and this is real life here, "Homey don't play that." And then I lost it. Several minutes of hysterical laughter, as a rush of memories from the 90's came from out of no where. I don't know where Homey the Clown came from, but I  had to run to youtube to show my kids what all the laughing was about. 

My kids watched the clip, stoned faced, which made the whole thing even more funny. And I laughed all over again, at the randomness of the memory.

  It sort of reminded me of a quote about involuntary laughter from my latest read, Dracula. Still working on the Media Diet by the way.

"It is a strange world, a sad world, a world full of miseries, and woes, and troubles. And yet when King Laugh come, he make them all dance to the tune he play. Bleeding hearts, and dry bones of the church yard, and tears that burn as they fall, all dance together to the music that he make with that smile less mouth of him, Ah, we men and women are like the rain on the ropes, they brace us up, until perhaps the strain become too great, and we break. But King Laugh he come like the sunshine, and he ease off the strain again, and we bear to go on with our labor, what it may be."

Yeah, I just compared my life to a doctor trying to keep a vampire from taking over thee village and killing all thee wemens. It makes perfect sense to me.

p.s. Have you seen footage of J.Lo as a flygirl lately? Anyone else think she looks like John Leguizamo?

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