Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy Birthday Bruh

Dear David...

Remember that time mom went somewhere and left you in charge of paying the pizza man? (Those were the days when you could leave a 12 year old home alone in charge of 4 other kids and not worry about a pizza man) Okay so mom gave you $23 and said, "The $20 is for the pizza and the extra is for a tip." And when the pizza man came, and asked for $19.88 you said, "Hey pizza man, the $3 is a tip but I want change for the $20." And then the rest of us about died laughing while the pizza man gave you 12 cents in change and left. 

I know that won't seem funny to anyone who isn't a Scruggs. But in our family, the glue that keeps us together if the fact that no one gets to live anything down. No one.  Except me. 

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