Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Darling Boy

  Today I picked up Ezra (4) from his arts and crafts class. I told him to say goodbye to the class, which was made up for 3 teachers and 15 kids. Instead of saying bye or giving me the usual sullen and shy routine, he announced, "My parents had 5 kids and they never even got married to each other." 

     And then, what was I supposed to say? There is nothing you can say to that that will un-do it. Because why would a 4 year old just pull that out of the blue? Unless he heard it from someone. I guess what I should have done was laugh. Instead my voice dropped an octave, I call it my involuntary looser voice, and I said, "He's lying, we're married." Then it totally wasn't weird at all.
   Ezra is gifted in all the wrong ways, he's gifted in making stuff up, and making clever observations about things that don't matter. People get real impressed when a 4 year old makes some insightful and sweet observation about what heaven is like, or what happens when the leaves change colors. But no one puts any value on a 4 year old listening to the lyrics of a "Fun" song and remarking, "Those 'young'  kids should NOT 'set the world on fire.'
   But I guess that proves that he's our boy. Gifted in things that don't really matter. Next time you see me, you might want to bring up Louie Armstrong and see what I do, I can't make any promises, I'm just sayin'. Or if you see Pete, well, I'll just have to tell you about his throw away talents in private. But they're awesome.  


mandorama said...

Maybe he thinks Utah marriages don't count?

The Watkins said...

I hope this story makes the Christmas letter. It is awesome.