Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 Media Diet

  You know that lifestyle blogging is just a clever way of defending yourself. That's what I think as least. It's a pretty awesome way to defend yourself. Especially if you disable comments. I usually try to hide my defensiveness, not this time. This entire post is nothing but defensive. 

    Last month I went to see Catching Fire on its opening night with some girls. While we were chatting and waiting for the show to start. I admitted that I saw a midnight showing of the final Harry Potter movie without actually having read any of the books. Then, when the previews started, the trailer for the movie Divergent came up. I turned to one girl and whispered, "I haven't read this, have you?" And she whispered back, "You don't do a lot of reading, do you?" 
   This really really bugged me. Like bad. What, so I have to read stupid tween books to prove to her that I'm well read? What a jerk. It annoyed me so much that I did my favorite gesture that I love to do. I call it my 'what the eff' gesture. I furrow my eyebrows, open my mouth, let out this throaty questioning laugh, shrug my shoulders, face my palms to the ceiling and then shake my head back and forth, looking around to see if anyone else noticed the idiocy that I just witnessed. I guess I could just say, "What the eff" but I don't swear and the physical gesture is much more effective. Unfortunately, the theater was already dark, and my awesome reaction was totally lost on her. And then there was nothing I could say to defend myself without sounding like a defensive snob. She totally caught me off guard and all I could do was sputter out, "I read Anna Karenina this year," in a looser voice. I'm such a moron. 

  So now, here, I have just made my final entry in my 2013 Media Diet. And I have to say, I am really proud of it. I'm sure that by a lot of standards, most standards, it isn't a lot of reading, and I'' admit that I probably read more because I knew I was keeping track. But I read a couple of solid Russian novels as well as the seminal Zombie works so I'm feeling pretty smug as I look through my list.  And I am proud of all the film I saw as well. And the TV, some of the best TV I've ever seen was in 2013 and I think I'm a better person for it. 

  I really enjoyed keeping track of my media diet. I highly recommend it. Every time I would make an entry, I'd think about it a little bit, and feel grateful that I have a mind that allows me to read, watch, learn, observe, and process and analyze. It's much more satisfying than keeping track of your nutritional  diet. Which I do also. Just as religiously. Only can't recommend that at all. Do it, and you may loose weight, but you'll die a little inside. But I digress. On to 2014! Who wants to join me?

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Emily said...

Is it a bad sign that I do believe you've made the *what the eff* gesture to me before?:) Honestly...couldn't agree more with the reading...or "non"-reading or whatever:)