Sunday, November 24, 2013

Zeke and Trader Joes

 Well I've done it everyone. I wasn't sure if it could be done but I did it. And that is sort of the story of my life, you know, doing the impossible. After months of searching and testing, I found something at Trader Joes that totally sucks.

I love Salmon and I love jerky, so this should be good right? Well it's not. It smells like a bully stick. Which brings me to my next point, how do I know what a bully stick smells like?  Yep, I've joined that special group of people who walk around carrying bags of poo and they don't even think it's weird. In fact, they feel like they are benefiting society. We got a dog. It's more for the kids than anything, to teach them some responsibility. I don't even like him that much.

**had to take the video down**

You know, it's funny, deciding to get a dog is a lot like deciding to get a kid. I mean, have a baby. At first, you think they are sort of gross and you don't know why anyone would do that to themselves. Then you start to notice cute things and see the benefits. I knew I was in trouble when I caught myself laughing at a you tube video of dogs who had their beds stolen by cats. And when I heard myself telling Pete about the video when he came home and asked about my day, I knew for sure that I was a goner. So we packed up the kids, drove to Amish Country and got ourselves a pup. And by the way, if you have never bought anything from the Amish, you are missing out. My kids saw a little girl milking cows( and then doing something which I can only guess was straining the milk or skimming the cream or something) and they exclaimed, well it was more like laughed, "Hey mom, look how hard she's working." Like the amish girl was being punked. And I would make a joke about how ironic it is that the Amish don't believe in tweezers but they have no problem with credit card swipers but hey, I am a devout Mormon who loves Coke Zero and looks for any chance to add Grand Marnier into dessert but these lips have never tasted coffee, so who am I to judge?

p.s. I think vine is the greatest. I wish more of my friends were on it (hint hint.)

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