Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Pete and I have this ongoing argument happening. He loves his home state. Like in an unhealthy way. For years he maintained that everyone from Oregon was like the coolest person ever because Oregon is the greatest state ever. Then one day I blurted out, "You know, I'm not sure I agree with that. I mean I love you and I love your sisters, but a lot of the people from Oregon that I've met are sort of weird." Oh you should have seen his face. I haven't seen that look since I blurted out that I hate camping. And then I saw it when when I told him that I actually hate the movie Braveheart. Oh, and I saw the look when I told him that I once bowled a 16. Or the time when I admitted that I didn't actually have a starring role in the Music Man, it was just a 4 word solo. And then I saw that look that one time when he discovered that I knew every word to every Blue's Traveler song. Okay, I guess I've seen that look more than a couple of times. It is this horrified look that says, "Who did I marry? Really. Who? Anyway, he was hurt, to the core. Not because what I had said was a terrible insult to his beloved state, but because part of him knew that I was right. He pushed back for a little while, but when Portlandia started airing, he knew he had lost the argument.
  Portlandia is awesome by the way, and Pete won't admit that he likes it, but he does. And as long as the state of Oregon exists, the writers of Portlandia will have plenty to write about. Here's a clip that pretty much sums up the show, and you know what? It sort of sums me up as well. It will give you a painful glimpse into my soul. I seem like a nice person, but I'm black inside.

  And then one day, Pete found this. It was just too good for him to keep to himself. This. Is Oregon for ya.

And I wanted to share it with you. A little Thanksgiving present. It really will keep on giving.


Ellen James said...

Awesome. We found this gem of a website because we were looking at events in DC once. Check it out and make sure you read the rules. Happy Thanksgiving!


susan said...

You know I'm from Oregon, too, right? Ok, I admit it. I am weird.

susan said...

In Oregon's defense, I actually thing the professional cuddler thing originated in upstate NY. Google the Snuggery. http://nymag.com/thecut/2013/03/visiting-the-snuggery-get-cuddled-for-cash.html

Heather Hayes, Freelance Writer said...
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