Saturday, May 25, 2013

Whatever Slurpees Are Awesome

15 years ago, I used to pile like 7 of my favorite people into a tiny Toyota, drive to 7-11, buy a bunch of junk, and eat and loiter. All the while thinking that this was just about as good as life could get.* 

Today, I realized that my teenage self was actually right about some things. 

As I blissfully took a bite of a buffalo chicken taquito that had been warming for at least 8 hours, I looked around and took in the awesomeness of the situation, Pete muttered, "I think this is the nadir of our parenting experience." I dunno Pete, things look pretty good from here. I think we're gonna be okay.

*For real, we ALL crammed into Pete's little Toyota, drove to "sev" and dined on taquitos and ice cream sandwiches. You know that you might want to re-think your life choices when the convenience store clerk looks down his nose at you. 

p.s. Still recording my media diet, and you'll see that I'm being completely honest about it because I recorded watching The Bachelor Bloopers as well as Safe Haven. Safe Haven was really really terrible, but I just can't quit you Juliane Hough.

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Anonymous said...

A family that goes to 7/11 together goes to heaven together. Usually faster than other families.