Friday, May 10, 2013

A Couple of Thoughts on my day at Hershey Park

Over the weekend, I chaperoned a chorus trip to Hershey Park in PA. The trip was for 5th and 6th graders and since I have one of each I figured I would go. I went last year and chaperoned Eliza and her friends. It was fun except for that two of the girls spoke English as their second language and they kept on saying tweeezlers. Come on ladies, you're in Merica now, git it right. Well I thought this year would be twice as fun because I had twice as many kids going on the trip. XXX. Oh boy I would have given anything to have my biggest problem be the mispronunciation of a candy. 
  The trip started out with me stopping to chat with one of the parents about some 5th grade drama. Our two little girls are not getting along in school. In fact, they are arch enemies. Nevertheless,  this girl begged and pleaded to be in Shea's group. When I told this mother that I was surprised at this, and that I wanted the girls to get along, she responded with, "I know Shea, I have her number, I have her totally figured out. You know why? Because I used to be Shea, and I'll tell you what, Karma is a bitch because it sure has come back to get me." And then I had to spend the rest of the day chaperoning this woman's daughter? Yep. Good thing I'm such a kind person and can easily get past these types of comments. 
   Our group of 4 girls teamed up with another group of 4 girls plus chaperone. But after about an hour, my co-chaperone and her daughter ditched us because we weren't riding enough roller coasters and they wanted their $58 worth. So I was left with 7 girls. Two of which were naughty. As an aside, I have been reading The Help, so every time I would see a child misbehave, I would have this inner dialogue in a Southern accent about how that chalt dint git nuff love from huh mama. But I can only amuse myself with my inner southerner for so long. And a day at an amusement park with mean girls goes by slower than downloading Bohemian Rhapsody with a dial-up connection. 
  Shea is a flirt. Not the cute coy kind. The kind boys are afraid of. The kind who will make loud jokes and try to humiliate her target. Don't worry though, Shea learned that's not the way to get a man. On her third attempt at this type of flirting, one of the boys gave her a little pamphlet and told her that if she died tomorrow, she would go to hell. Shea looked at the tract that said, "Jesus Saves," saw a picture of Satan with flames in the background. 

And I didn't even eat one piece of chocolate. 

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