Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quick Update on Spring Break

We didn't go anywhere for our spring break. And we didn't have a staycation either. Is it me or would that be way more work than a vacation? It was just a normal week, but with no school. Here's a quick breakdown. Of the lows. No one really wants to hear about how great someones break was so this should be extra entertaining.
  Least Worst Thing: You should get a pretty good sense of my week when I tell you that the highlight of my spring break was the day that I got an MRI. No kids, lay down and don't move for 30 minutes? Yes please! It was all down hill from there.

  Next to Least Worst Thing: Was the day that I brought home super hero underpants for Ezra. Behold, the only picture I took during spring break.

Ezra could not be convinced that the Green Lantern was a super hero. Because that's a terrible name. So he put the greens on his head and ran around trying to wrestle everyone. It was this same day that he told me about a nightmare titled: The Trees Are Trying To Get Me. I comforted him by saying, "You know, bad dreams aren't real." To which he replied, "I know, only science is real." Then, he karate chopped me and ran away. Nachoooooo.
 Third to Least Worst Thing: This year Pete and I made a concerted effort to make Easter meaningful for the children. We observed Lent. Read the Bible. Attended extra religious services. We could feel that we were really getting through to the kids. Then on Maundy Thursday, after a wonderful Passover meal, we sat down to watch The Lamb of God. Ezra, was so disappointed that it wasn't the Power Rangers, he stood on the upstairs landing yelling, "I hate Jesus." So I guess you could say that all our hard work paid off. 

Next to Worst Thing: This is bad. Much worse than a three year old taking the Lord's name in vain. I met a friend for lunch at an Indian all-you-can-eat buffet. It was amazing, but like an idiot, I loaded up my plate with too much salad and rice on the first trip. Then when I tried to go back a second time, my friend shamed me out of going back. Indian buffet fail, what can be worse? I feel like I have disappointed myself, my family, and most of all, starving Indians who would have given anything to trade places with me. 

Worst Thing: You guessed it. The indoor water park. Midweek, I was feeling guilty for not planning anything, so I decided to take my kids to Massanutten. First of all, don't ever go there it is a rip off. Second, have you ever been to an indoor water park? Everyone who can answer yes, just nodded silently, and then continued whipping themselves, because they are masochists.  

  Don't you love how most mommy blogs make you feel worse about yourself but this one makes you feel better? I just don't know why jensenauthenticity isn't wildly popular. (I think I'll turn this last paragraph into a condescending Wonka meme.)

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Melissa said...

I love reading your blog! You never fail to make me laugh!