Thursday, March 7, 2013

Side Effects

  I learned two new things today. Two! First, I am a bit of a completist. Once something peaks my interest, I want to know all about it, I want to collect an example of every item in a particular field. Okay, I am fully aware of how lame the above sentence sounded. Ooooh, I just have such a thirst for knowledge! I just want to know everything about everything!  No no, it's not like that.  I freely admit that I think I'm smarter than I actually am, but I'm not saying that I'm a completist in an 'I'm a genuis' sort of way. I mean it in more of a Rain Man sort of way. Of course I don't have my underwear. I'm definitely not wearing my underwear. I get my underwear at K-mart in Cincinnati. My completist tendencies are only sparked when I am interested in something  that will make me less interesting, and that has a possibility of being a huge time suck. And usually it is food. I spent a good part of 2012 trying to be a D.C. area hamburger completist. My top five findings. 

1. Bobby's Burger Palace
2. Shake Shack
3. The Burger Joint
4. Five Guys 
5. Ray's Hell-burger

2013 is D.C. Pizza, who's with me?

  I am also working on becoming a Danny Meyer completist. That's sort of hard to do when you don't live in New York but I'm determined, and with the love and support of my family and friends, I can succeed. I am dabbling in Momofuku completism, but so far that has made me gain 4 pounds and spend 25 dollars on plugra butter in one month, so I'm wondering if I should re-think that. 

   Peter is definitely a completist but only in the areas of politics, Mormon church history and cycling. That was an outright humblebrag, and I won't try to hide it. He is the coolest nerd you'll ever meet. 

  Anyway, I started thinking about the whole completist term this morning when I was listening to a podcast movie review of Side Effects done by a Steven Soderbergh completist. I think the guy is just alright, I guess, Soderbergh I mean. But what is really cool is that they released/leaked (same thing) his Media Diet for last year. It is pretty amazing. I love the idea of recording your entire intake of media. I think it would be cool to see just what your brain has ingested and it would encourage you to make worth while choices. I also think it validates movies and TV as actual communicatory mediums. So for 2013, I am going to do the same. Record my entire media diet. I won't record a show, movie or book unless I have seen the entire thing, in which case I'll record it on the day I finish. 

  Endnote, Side Effects was good. And it made me wonder all the way home, "Could I pull off a messy hipster frizz hairstyle?" The best part of the night was when my friends and I were trying to decide between Side Effects and Zero Dark Thirty. I told the ticket seller boy that I had heard that ZDT had a surprise ending. He gave me a confused look and tried to explain that there was no surprise ending, we all know how it ends, but I just kept interrupting him with, "Don't! Don't spoil it for me! I don't know how it ends! D! D! DDD!  
  It was pretty great. 

I'm recording my 2013 Media Diet Here. I think it'd be cool if anyone wants to record theirs too so that we could compete compare. Also, I'd love any suggestions. I am totally open to seeing or reading anything. Except for Braveheart. You know how I feel about Braveheart.