Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tone and Language

I've been thinking about how we speak to our children. And by 'we' I mean you. And by 'you' I mean people that I judge. I was at the park yesterday with my two younger kids and Emily's two younger kids. (side note: Emily is raising very fashion conscious children, her two year old was talking about his skate board and at one point he said to my two year old, "Hey Ezra, don't you wish you had my puma's and not those converse shoes?") And I realized why I don't like the park, it's because of the way all of these parents were speaking to their kids. A few of the observations I made. Is this just an East Coast thing? It might be, the parents here are sort of uptight.
  1. You're using the phrase, "appropriate behavior" so much the the meaning has been completely lost. Either your kids don't know what you mean by appropriate behavior, or they don't really care, because you constantly talking about it isn't really changing anything. 
 2. Same goes with the word "choice." 
            Is that a good choice? 
            Is that a good choice? 
           That man is over there smoking a cigar, he did not make a good choice. 
            Aunt Suzie can't afford to come to your ballet recital because she did not make good choice in her life when it came to money. 
Those were actual statements I heard at the playground. Bleck
3. Contractions. They're part of the English language and they're here to stay it's time to introduce them to your child. 

   Now this all pretty subjective. Completely my own opinion, and I'm sure all these kids will turn out fine.  But I'll tell you something that is not okay. This morning after Shea's soccer game, she told me that her coach told her that she, "looked sexy in those pink soccer socks." It's not really okay for a male coach to tell a 9 year old girl she looks sexy is it? He might not realize it, but I am hypersensitive, close to my daughter, and very very judgemental, and unfortunately for him, he's on my radar.


camilla said...

Not ok.

Chrissy said...

File that guys under creepers for sure--super weird. Glad Shea told you--I want some tips from you about how to keep those communication lines open. Recently the 4-year-old told me that a babysitter told her "not to tell her parents" something that wasn't a big deal (watching a lot of TV while we were out) and luckily the 4yo told Dad but was conflicted and felt scared in general. It was so sad. WTH?

mandorama said...

I've caught myself using "choice" a lot lately. I will stop, but only to please you. Also, um, you may want to keep the number to NBC's "To Catch a Predator" on-hand . . .