Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Service Man

  We've been in this house almost a year and we are definitely getting our money's worth out of the home warranty. We have to make a call almost once a month. We fork over 75 big ones, and bam, a service man comes. The breakdowns usually come in pairs. A few months ago, it was our dryer and the upstairs heat. Then the garage door and the downstairs heat. Usually Sometimes Two times, the guys were nice and could fix the problem pretty quickly. But get this, both times the two separate service men asked to use the bathroom on their way out the door. I said, OK. They went in, used the toilet, and then left without saying anything. I just heard the front door slam and their truck drive away. This happened two times. Weird right? The extra weird thing was that they completely didn't flush. Just pooped and ran. True story.
   On Friday, a nice man from Afghanistan came to look in the attic and try to fix the AC. When he came down to do paperwork and leave, he saw my cute little blond Sloane (4) there inspecting the situation. He turned to me and said quietly, "I'm just joking OK?" 

Huh? I didn't know what he was talking about. And then he turned to Sloane and shouted at her, 

   "Go in your room and get your suitcase and pack your clothes, I am bringing you home with me." 

Sloane looked confused. 

"Go! Go! Right now. You are mine and I am taking you. " 

    I guess he wanted to try and get rid of any preconceived ideas that I might have about people from Afghanistan by showing me that he could joke around? 
      Then yesterday two Indian men came to look at the oven. They told me that they needed to completely take it out of the wall and look at it. "Do you have a tavel?" They asked.

"A what?"
"A tavel. This is very heavy and we need to put it on a tavel"
"A table?"
"No a tavel"
"A what?"
"A tavel! A tavel!"

I had no idea what they were saying. And saying it louder didn't help me understand any better. They just kept yelling TAVEL TAVEL. It was so funny that I lost it. I couldn't look at them, I just buckled over, while they yelled, "TAVEL TAVEL." Then once of them said, "A tavel, like you bring to the pool and the beach!" 

"ooooohhhh a tow-ell." I said slower for emphasis, to show them that I am not an idiot. Wasn't too convincing.

Are these normal interactions with service people? 


Nathan & Michelle Watabe said...

I am laughing so hard right now. At the Afghan jokster and mostly the tavel. Hilarious.

Nathan & Michelle Watabe said...

Oops, not jokster. Jokester. JOKESTER!!!