Thursday, December 8, 2011

Get Outta My Head Alec

Three months ago I was traveling alone with five children. I was flying from SLC to IAD with a layover in Texas or Minnesota or something. The first leg of the flight went off without a hitch thanks to my friend melatonin. But when I went to board the plane for the second leg of the flight, I had a 20 month old on one hip and his car seat in the other, the flight attendant said, "I don't think that car seat is FAA approved."
 "What? This is the 4th flight I've taken this month with this car seat."
 "Lemme check and see if it has an FAA sticker. Nope. No Sticker. That thing is not getting on my plane."

Yes, the flight attendant called it her plane. 
 I argued for like 3 more minutes, but I was in a vulnerable state and my kids needed me, so I had to fly with Ezra non-restrained. Which was a nightmare, he screamed for over two hours. Fortunately we were the last 6 seats on the plane. 

  Unfortunately the same flight attendant that I argued with, was the same flight attendant who was in charge of the beverage cart. She served a drink to everyone on the entire plane except for my and my five children. No joke. She got to us, made eye contact, and then pulled the cart back to the front of the plane. I sat there in shock trying to figure out what to do. My kids didn't even notice so I decided not to put up a fight. I had fully intended to send an email to the customer service department, but I had actually forgotten about the entire incident until this morning when I heard about the Alec Baldwin wordswithfriendsonaplane-gate. 

Dear Alec, you and I are sympatico. Children are rude thoughtless little pigs, flying is as bad as the Greyhound bus, it's hard when you get singled out for being awesome, and Words With Friends is the best. 

Way to go Baldwin, you came out ahead on this one. I agree with you on all points, except for that all my gym teachers were pretty nice. Especially Coach whats-his-name who always gave me all that personal attention helping me with my golf swing.


Chrissy said...

Hilarious. I seriously check your blog all the time and read it Matt so we can have a good laugh. Thanks for keeping the blogging world interesting.

Jenny said...

I so hear you. My best plane story is when Matthew (age 14 months) was screaming and crying on a 2:00 a.m. flight and the guy behind me said, "What the f+#@ is your problem, b$@&%? Why can't you get that kid to shut the h#@$ up?"