Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Jordan and Ezra

My baby turns 2 today. Happy Birthday Ez. It's been a rough two years, if we're being honest. I love the kid and all, but a fifth child should be easy. And he's not easy. 

 It's also Jordan's birthday. My sister's husband. Jordan is anything but difficult. Always easy going, never gets mad. A great guy.  I should mention though, that I've never met anyone who hates BYU as much as Jordan does. This one time we were talking to Jordan, it was me, Peter, and my cousin Thomas and Jordan said, "Seriously everyone who goes to BYU is like the biggest looser on the planet. I have never met a single person who goes to the Y who is cool."
  We all looked at each other and then I said, "Jordan, all three of us went to BYU."
Without missing a beat, Jordan said, "Then you know what I'm talking about! You know first hand! Have you met one person from BYU who isn't a total douche?"

Happy birthday Jor.