Monday, October 10, 2011

Palladia is Depressing

    When have you ever watched Palladia and said to yourself, "This is awesome!" I watch it a lot, okay let me rephrase, Peter has it on a lot and I have only seen one show that was 'awesome.' Mostly I see it and feel so old that I want to start digging my own grave because the best years of my life are behind me. I have a long list of concerts that really got my down. I just saw Dave Mathews in a 2008 concert and now I'm feeling really low. Not as low as the time I watched the Devo concert a few months ago, (you know, the 80's band that sings 'Whip It'?) But I'm still pretty bummed. 

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camilla said...

I watched it this summer. I saw Avril. It was awesome!