Friday, September 16, 2011

Count Down to Peter's Birthday

This blog is getting so lame. Sorry. Not anymore though, just you wait.

Peter's birthday is coming up. And I'm still trying to  learn how to upload our home movies so that I can make a cute video of him with music and stuff. On the off chance that that never happens, I'll just have to post some look alike videos. This clip is so close to Pete it's not even funny. Just picture the guy without hair. And you have Pete.

Okay, I know you think it's a joke, and partly it is. But has Pete ever told you a story? He tells all his stories in real time. No, slower than real time. Don't ever ask him what happened on an episode of anything. I made that mistake when he asked if I wanted to hear that the Omega Man episode of The Simpsons. 45 Minutes later . . . .

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