Friday, August 19, 2011

Mesquite Nevada, A Cautionary Tale

Would you expect anything less from Mesquite? On the way to California, I decided not to do the trip all in one day. So I figured Mesquite would be a good half way point. A quick Expedia search yielded a $37 per night casinotel. It was too cheap to pass up and scored surprisingly high on Trip Advisor. My story ends like this. "And thus a new term was coined, "Harrie Pottah syndrome." It's when I find my self surrounded by all sorts of ridiculous people and I am the one who feels embarrassed and out of place. 

 I checked in to the hotel. Then I schlepped all 5 kids through the center of the casino to get to our room. Then we all came out of our room around 10 PM in swim suits and wandered around the casino looking for the pool. Then around 11, we walked through the casino again soaking wet. Oh, then 30 minutes later we came out of our room to go to the 24 hour ice cream shop which was of course at the other end of the casino where I bough 5 cigarette smoke flavored ice cream cones. After we ate we walked back through the casino to our rooms where we went to bed and probably all developed emphysema. And during all of the walking came the looks. Here it comes, Harrie Pottah Syndrome.  I found myself surrounded by the dredges of humanity, and I was the one getting the dirty looks that said, "What kind of a mother drags 5 small children back and forth through a crappy smoke and creep filled casino (that isn't even in Vegas so it's a looser casino) in the middle of the night? 
    I saw 400 pound lady wearing a leather bra and a mini and I felt like a bad person. I at least 7 serious contenders for Whisker Wars, and I felt like a bad person. I saw my first (and hopefully ever) case of service animal abuse when a blind man beat his seeing-eye-dog, and I was the one getting the dirty looks. Yes the blind man gave me a dirty look. I saw a old man who couldn't pull himself away from the slots long enough to tend to his massive nosebleed, and I felt like a bad person. 
  Oh, here's the weird thing, when my kids posed for the above pic, the only reason I asked them to stop for the shot was because I saw the most trashy and ridiculous couple of all and I wanted a picture of them. Now look and the picture! Totally empty casino! It was ghost trash. I am seriously freaked out here. Someone please tell me that you've stayed at the Casablanca Casino in Mesquite, recently, not 20 years ago, because I'm starting to get worried that I had a Sixth Sense Experience


sara said...

I hope you keep on taking crazy trips so that you can keep on entertaining us with your post-trip synopses!

I'm guessing all the ghost trash was scared off by Jonah's gun; boy it's a good thing you had a man around to protect y'all.

sara said...

Hang on a sec, I just watched the Whisker Wars trailer. Best. Trailer. EVER. My favorite line, "We think of the United States Olympic team as being the equivalent of us, except that they compete in the Olympics."