Friday, July 8, 2011

Still Here

I'm still alive, just going through a major move and dealing with choosing the wrong paint color and trying to beat strep throat before I teach aerobics in the morning. If I had time to blog, I would write two entries.

1. I was in the pharmacy last night and I seriously saw a hair product called, "Henna Placenta." No lie. Does that make anyone else want to dry heave? That wouldn't be human placenta would it? Wait a minute, what is wrong with me? A placenta is a placenta!!

2. I took my two daughters to the American Girl store for the first time today. The AG company is now on my short but growing list titled:
         Emotional Manipulators of Epic Proportions.
            1. Disney
            2. Jack Weyland
            3. Any member of the De Azevedo Family 
            4. The American Girl Company

I'll try and do better next week. 

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