Thursday, May 26, 2011

Peter and Camilla

This is going to have to be short. We bought a hybrid today and I feel like a little piece of me died.

  I can't explain this on the internet, but the next time you see Pete or I, ask about the Dianne Keaton story.

 Has two deformed fingers. Well technically it's just the fingernails but a deformity nonetheless. Does that creep you out Jordan? 

Side note: Camilla and Peter love each other but aren't exactly best friends. This one time Camilla was about 15 and she was singing a little song to herself. Peter overheard and made a little joke about her voice, in response to which Camilla screamed, "I HOPE YOU EAT POISON AND DIE!" before running to her room and slamming the door.


Pete said...

Camilla's singing actually makes her mime routine look good. And I don't know why we've never been able to get along.

camilla said...

If that's hoe you feel then I will stop singing to you Peter.