Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Camilla and Peter

First Camilla.

 There's not really an easy way to explain this but I'll try. Camilla does a talking mime routine. Bet you've never seen those two words together right? We all think it's hilarious. The routine is the same every time. Mime Camilla places her open palms against an imaginary wall in front of her and says, "I'm stuck." Next thing you know, something imaginary hits her on the head and she says, "Look! A rope." The routine goes from there and lasts any where from 2-25 minutes. Oh, you know how like 30 seconds ago I said "We all think it's hilarious?" Well by 'we all' I mean only the people in my immediate family. When I was younger, sometimes we'd have company over and someone would say, "Hey do you want to see Camilla's mime routine? She's really good" Our guest would reluctantly say, "sure" and  is noticeably confused as to why we are all trying to stifle our giggles. Camilla would begin the routine, which, like I said, is always the same. The guest always tries to be polite and pretend that they think Camilla is talented.  Then, at a carefully timed point during the routine my dad would always say, "Camilla the only thing people hate more than a mime it a talking one." And we all burst out laughing. Everyone except the guest, who laughs politely but never does get it. 

Now Peter,
   Peter is a great swimmer. Like amazing. He grew up swimming in the ocean in Oregon so he's tough. When he competes in triathlons, he beats half the elites out of the water without even training, so he's fast too. 

(A good wife would leave it at that. )

  But the first time I ever saw him in the water this is what happened. We were on our honeymoon in Saint. Maarten and we decided to go play in the Ocean. We were about chest deep and jumping in the waves when Pete decides to show off and body surf. He jumps with this wave that slams him right into the sand bar. It was kind of funny and not really a big deal, or so I thought. Pete stood right up and grabbed his elbow. I walked over and said, "Pete are you okay?" He didn't answer so I asked him again, to which he responds in this barely audible voice, "Don't talk to me." I tried to get closer to, you know comfort him and he whispers, "Don't touch me." So I gave him some space. He just drifted in the ocean holding his elbow with his eyes half open for like 45 minutes. After that he was fine. Now there are a lot of things that you can tease Peter about. Like a lot of things. Bike crashes, food poisoning, his hernia, old girlfriends, the list is long. But if I try to tease Peter about this particular ocean accident, he'll just defensively say, "I know you don't believe me, but I totally messed up my elbow that day and sometimes it still hurts really bad okay?"


camilla said...

Every time I see my name on your blog I get really nervous. My talking mime routine rocks and it is hard to do more than one routine, why mess up a good thing right?
I totally one that fight with the tumbler.

sara said...

We're loving these; keep 'em coming! (Yep I'm reading them out loud to Aaron.)

Chrissy said...

I am crying because I am laughing so hard. Thank you, I was totally bored before I stumbled onto this gem. You're a hilarious storyteller.

Pete said...

I can't believe you would joke about that. Every cold morning . . .