Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Camilla and Peter

Camilla is my sister and Peter is my husband. Pete and I got married on Camilla's birthday and she's never forgiven us. The big day is coming up on June 1st, so to celebrate, I thought I'd alternate posting little known facts about these two great people. 

Peter's first. 

Until about a year ago, Peter thought that when baked potatoes were served at dinner, one was supposed to ask the cook if the potatoes had been washed. Do you know how often people serve baked potatoes when they invite us over for dinner? A lot. It's totally embarrassing when Peter looks over the potato and says, "Did you wash these?" He's never noticed the insulted look on the hostess' face.  

Now Camilla. 

Once Camilla got my hair tangled up in a Tornado Tumbler. Tangled bad. On purpose. Have you ever heard of  Tornado Tumbler? It's a cup with a little battery operated whisk at the bottom that mixes up drinks like chocolate milk so you don't have to go to the trouble of getting a spoon out of the drawer. Awesomely, we were both in our twenties when this happened.


Elliot said...

so funny, I want to see one of these everyday.

Pete said...

I only do that to my sisters. And it's for the look.