Monday, April 25, 2011

Yorktown Beach

  Either you know my friend Emily, or you've heard me talk about her. She's real I promise, not like my pretend boyfriend George Glass. Emily is a college roommate. She's tall and blonde and smart and fun and beautiful and you want to hate her but you can't.  We've both ended up in Virginia--lucky me. So yesterday we decided to pack up the kids and go to the beach. Emily took me to Yorktown beach.

 The beach was small and there was a little rock wall a few feet out from the shore that the kids could wade out to and climb  around on. We were all having a good time, there were a couple of kids there and our kids made friends with a little six year old boy. They all played on the rocks together while Emily and I chatted with the boy's mom. She was telling us about how she homeschools her kid and gets through it with "alotta prayin' " when Shea yelled from the rocks, "Mom, are people animals?"
  "Yes." I shouted back. 
   We kept talking when Shea asked another question, "Mom. Are people humans?"
  "Yes. " I shouted back. Apparently there was some sort of arguement going on and I was helping Shea's case.  Shea kept asking questions. "Mom. Are people mammals?"
  "What is a mammal?"
 This time Emily responded, "Mammals lactate and have a special inner-ear bone."
  With that answer, the kids all wandered back to us three moms and the new little friend started complaining to his mom. "Mama, They're sayin' that people are mammals and animals."
 And right as I said, "Well they are." Our new mom friend said, "We just learned in homeschool how God made the animals and then on another day he made people that are different and more special than animals." Then she turns to her boy and tells him not to talk mean to his new friends. To which he replies, 

"But Mama, they're evolution people!"

 Isn't that great! Evolution people!

  A little while later, Shea was digging in the sand when she announced that she had found a plant in the ground and she was going to pull it up. 

  Does this look like a plant to you? 

  Shea got excited when she thought she found the roots, when roots turned out to be the decomposing cat's paw, I realized what a long way Emily has come since she found a spider with and egg sac in our room freshman year. She was fighting some real demons and kept it together for the kids. Good job Em. 
  All in all, it was a good day at the beach. The kids had fun, I got some sun, and I feel like I'm a step closer to being able to articulate the need for people to make the distinction between being from Virginia, and Northern Virginia. I'm definitely from NoVa. 


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I don't even know where to start with this.
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