Friday, April 29, 2011

Field Trip--A Cautionary Tale.

Today I went with Jonah on his school field trip to the National Museum of American History. I have to say, it was pretty fun. There were plenty of chaperones so I was only in charge of a few kids. There was Jonah, my own. Yvonne, that's a boy, pretty easy cute little kid, though he didn't like me calling him "Miss Yvonne." Graham: he's a know it all who tries to make everyone feel dumb including me. I wanted to cuff him the entire trip but I couldn't because his mom is this real tough former college soccer player FBI agent who sorta scares me. And then there was Connor, I could tell he was awesome by the way he wore a dress shirt and tie tucked into sweat pants. Man that's a tough look to pull off, but Connor can do it cause he rocks.

Some highlights of the trip:

 Explaining to the kids what plutonium-238 is. Turns out I'm smarter than I thought I was. 

Explaining to the kids that they couldn't do the flight simulator because it costs money.

Eating a hot dog on the mall for lunch with Peter. 

Taking this picture. 

The low point on the trip was the bus ride home. We were three to a seat and Jonah and Yvonne were getting restless so I handed them my iphone. When they got bored of playing games, they started to look through the pictures. All the sudden one of the boys yells, "Jonah's looking at sexy swimsuit pictures!"
  All the kids crowd around the phone which at this point was out of my reach. Then I remembered the joke pictures I took with some friends at the beach. 
This picture being passed around a school bus of 7 year olds was humiliating on so many levels. First of all, who keeps a picture like that of herself on her own phone? Second, because the entire front of the bus started chanting, "Sex-y Lad-y." I didn't know what to do, there were two options as I saw it. One of the scenarios would end in me using my Christmas Story voice, "aw come on guys give it back give it beeaaack." The other scenario involved me using my mom voice, "give me the phone back, I'm gonna count to three." Either way I would look ridiculous so I just whispered to Jonah to hurry and get my phone back, which he eventually did, but not before the teachers figured out what happened. 


camilla said...

ha ha ha! That is a great picture.

Katherine said...

Oh Dang!!!! I was afraid of what would happen if those pictures fell into the wrong hands!!! Unfortunately all of mine were on Carrie's camera that was lost in the airport. I seriously half expect to see those pictures of us show up on some random website somewhere...sorry yours involved children. :)