Friday, March 4, 2011

Led by the Spirit

Young kid on a mission.
Wears a suit.
Rides a bike.
Spanish speaking country. 
Unsure of the path ahead.
The road won't be easy. 
Although you've got good instincts,
You're typically not known for your great judgement.
Stay focused though man.
Don't be stupid.
Follow the rules. 
Think about the magnitude of what you're doing.
Who are you representing?
Don't get distracted by little things like the stray dog in the road.
The path is narrow.
Shoulders feeling heavy? 
Leg aching?
When things get tough, you may have to tap into your reserves.
Remember why you came, what you've been taught, and what you set out to do. 
You are not alone.
You can almost see the finish line ahead. 
You made it in one piece.
There's the pretty girl that's been waiting for you.

(And don't you hate how at the end they always seem to play the "I don't remember the English" act?)

VCA 2010 RACE RUN from changoman on Vimeo.

Of course we're talking about a bike race. 


alexandra said...


Just watched it twice with the kids. They loved it. And the fact that he did it in a full suit! Assuming he was a missionary, suit coats and pants not being your typical everyday biking garb and all?

Elliot said...

when did pete learn spanish?

Nathan & Michelle Watabe said...

Seriously RM's who suddenly don't remember English and have accents drive me nuts. You spoke English for the first 19 years of your life - I don't think you've really forgotten it in 2 years.