Thursday, March 31, 2011


I just want to put this out there. When your kids come over here to play and they take off their socks someplace in the house; I do the same thing every time when a you come to pick the kiddies up and ask about socks.

  "Oh yeah, hold on one second I saw them in the basement."

Then I run down stairs, make sure the basement fridge is closed and look in the mirror for a few minutes before I come back up.

  " Shooot, I can't find them anywhere. That is so weird. I'll wash them and drop them by later."

You'll never see those socks again. When I find them, I usually keep them for own kids or throw them in the trash. 

Sorry. But they're just socks.


Reynolds Rundown said...

If I come over and see a stash of hand-crafted sock puppets in an array of sizes and colors . . . I will be so on to you.

Chrissy said...

Haha-I agree! We have at least one pair of Sloane's socks, and I have tried to put them on Ramsey a couple of times, and she is like, "no, those are Sloane's" and is totally outraged. Someday she'll agree with me.

Emily said...

Peeing my pants. Peeing them...