Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Megan sent me this great read.

If you don't have a husband who is into cycling, it might be hard to relate to. If you're like Megan, Susan and I however, you'll read it and say 'get outta my brain!'

 Think back to when you were a 14 year old girl. Now do you remember the way you looked at other 14 year old girls? It wasn't very nice was it. Well dude's aren't immune to that stuff. That's how cyclists look at each other, always measuring each other up.  Nobody can chest thump like a skinny guy who shaves his legs, perfected the farmer's blow, and loves wearing spandex.

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Megan Healey Taylor said...

For real. I don't know who that girl is, or how she tapped into my brainfeed, but she's definitely there.

I'm glad we're not alone!