Monday, January 17, 2011

Lesson: If You Talk About Someone on the Internet, They Might Find Out.

  I don't think I'll ever learn this lesson.

Today Pete came home from work with a little gift bag for me. I thought the bag was from him but there was a post-it note on the bag that said;

  My wife wanted me to give this to you to pass along to your wife.

I looked in the bag. Oh no. Oh no. Oh Yes.

 Two packages of gauze underwear and a box of KT Tape.  There was a note included;

  Dear Angela,
   My boss forwarded me a link to your blog earlier this week. I did some research, made a few calls, and tracked down something I think you're going to like. And just for the record, that black dress was, 'smokin' hot!

I'm feeling such a strange mix of emotions. I would be embarrassed if this wasn't so awesome. I love this chick! I have my day all planned out tomorrow. I'm going to go on a long run, enabled by the magic tape, and then reward my hard work with a shower and an afternoon in gauze heaven.

  Here's the problem though, I've just written three separate blog posts about gauze underwear. 

I'm wasting my life. 


alexandra said...

You are SO going to be the life of the Christmas office party next year.

The Watkins said...

Seriously? That's pretty funny. Maybe you should get some google ads on your blog.