Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Peter Jensen

Do you know how many Peter Jensens there are? 

No I don't really care either. 

But do you have any idea how many Peter Jensens there are who have a gmail address with some sort of variation of the name? 

A crap load.

 It's pretty entertaining. Peter receives emails that are supposed to go to another Peter Jensen almost every day. There's a Peter Jensen in Canada, one in the Netherlands, a Peter Jensen who's in a band, even a BYU freshman named Peter Jensen. 

Sometimes he passes the good ones on to me. 

Like this one.

Sorry I don't know how to blur out the bad parts. 

Obviously this is from the Canadian Peter Jensen. And I don't mean obviously because of all the snow. 

It doesn't matter who sent this picture, or why it was sent. What matters is-- well, what the . . ? I mean yeah yeah it's a funny picture, but who would actually pose for this? Seriously, that's commitment. I  tell you what, this guy will never be the same. 

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alexandra said...

Ang, haven't had the time to stalk anyone's blog for a while and realized it was time for a good laugh, so I thought of you first. You don't disappoint! Though I must admit, I had to keep scrolling up whenever the kids would walk by and I had to stifle my giggles so they wouldn't come read about all the swear words your kids are spouting. You brought a happy tear to my eye.