Friday, December 10, 2010


  Ya know what? I really do wish that this blog were my journal. I'm in the process of selling my house, trying to buy a new one, upsetting many realtors along the way and trying to beat the system. It is traumatic, but I have some good stories. But I'm not going to tell them. Well, not those stories at least. 

  Instead I want to explain why I've been thinking about that Jet Blue flight attendant a.k.a. my hero. 

  Did I mention that I work at a gym? Well I do. It's awesome, great set up. Except for a few things, like when they want me to actually do stuff. I have this new uh, boss who is always tryin' ta make me do stuff. And she sends like 5 emails a day with no real concern for tone or forethought. Well yesterday, I get this email from her telling me that if I don't take the online course on "preventing harassment," then I'm fired. She's never spoken to me about this, just a 'do it or else' email. 

  So I have two options here, I could either take the course. Or use this as my opportunity to go out in a blaze of glory. You know you've thought about it too after a bad day of work. That's why I love the Jet Blue guy, he actually went through with it. Man, did he ever. Grabs a coupla beers, shouts some expletives into the loud speaker, pulls the emergency slide, and runs home. So great. Pete and I really love the part of the story that the pilots waited like 40 minutes before they reported the incident. You know they just looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and said, "Blaze of glory man, let him go." 

 What about me though? It's not like I can really go down in a blaze of glory here. I mean what am I gonna do? The fitness instructors are like the red-headed stepchildren of our gym because we only teach for a few hours at a time, it's like a hobby, not a job so the full-time employees think we don't take them seriously yada yada yada. Gym politics are an entirely different blog entry, the point is. No one would really care if I quit so I just went in and took the damn course. 

  So I went into the club and sat down at the computer for over an hour and learned about harassment. All the while, I thought to myself that their asking me to take this online course was a form of harassment in itself. 

Hey check out one of the questions in the course. 

Can you read it? "Batal is Muslim . . . Which of the following could become a form of a hostile work environment?"

The answer C says, "Batal's coworkers have a running contest about the types of things Batal could be hiding under his turban.

Am I the only one who thinks it's funny that a course about unlawful harassment would have an incorrect assumption about Muslims? Like, that Muslims wear turbans. Sikhs wear turbans, and are not Muslims.  

Ya know? Against my better judgement I'm going to go ahead and  hit the "publish post" button. I hope no one that works at my gym reads this and forwards it to my boss. If I got fired over this blog, that would be the worst blaze of glory in history. 


sara said...

I just love this post.

Eliza said...

That reminds me of the joke "Don't hate me because I'm Muslim; hate me because you think I'm Muslim." Which might be more appropriate to say if I had any connection with Sikhs or Muslims or if I personally knew the Sikh who said that, but in reality it was in a Facebook comment by a Sikh on the March to Keep Fear Alive page, and it made me laugh. Anyway that's my only defense.

Good luck with those gym politics.