Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Child of the Ninety's Raising Children.

Last week we sat down with the kids (9, 8, 6) and watched "So I Married an Axe Murderer."

They liked it. 

Don't you love it when you show your kids something that you used to love and they think it's pretty cool? Dad, I hope it makes you happy that I like Steely Dan, because I people make fun of me for it. And Mom, I hope it makes you happy that I love Man of Velvet Man of Steel, because that has really messed me up.

Anyway, we were sitting at dinner the other night, it was an uncommonly peaceful dinner. Then all the sudden Shea says, "You know what I love? That part of 'I Married a Murderer' when the dad says, 'That boys head is like a toothpick on an orange!'" 

The kids giggled and then Jonah takes a deep breath and  shouts. "WILLIAM! MEUVE YER DAMN HEED!"**

There goes our peaceful dinner.

  It's better than what happened last month, proof that our children have a father who is a child of the eighty's. After the kids watched Goonies, Pete and Jonah were playing Mario. Jonah's guy died and he said the 'S' word like 30 times in row. I shouted, "Jonah, if you say that again I will throw away that movie!" He looked away from the game at me and said okay. When he looked back at the game he realized that the two seconds he'd spent looking at me had cost Mario his life and said that word again. What happened next wasn't purdy. 

**That was also the night I discovered my childrens' talent for doing perfect Scottish accents.


Talai said...

Just caught up on the last few posts and laughed my head off! You're awesome Angela!

Janelle said...

Ha! I think of that orange on a toothpick line all the time because, quite frankly, Elliot's head is like an orange on a toothpick. Every time the ped measures his head circumference he has to double-check because he doesn't believe that it is actually that big.