Monday, October 25, 2010

One last trip post, this is not a doctored pic.

Well we made it home, but not before spending another couple of crappy hours in Belgium. Did you know that the French tell jokes about Belgian people sorta the same way we used to tell Pollock jokes in the 80's? Those were good days, tell a funny joke without offending anyone because who really knows any Pollocks anyway? It's true though, the French have invented all kinds of un-funny jokes about Les Belges.  

Well I only had to spend a couple hours in Belgium to figure out why that is. 

I'm sorry to say that the only photo I took in Brussels was of this menu.  

If I would have stayed a bit longer, I would have liked to find this fine piece of art.

For real called, the "Mannekin Pis."

Because of a strike,  Pete and I had to figure out the bus, taxi, train, and metro systems so I feel like I know the place pret-tty well. And I can say with some authority that Brussels is the New Jersey of France.


alexandra said...

Jeff's half-Pollock. Really.

Don't know if I can read your blog any more with you making such tacky comments.

Okay. I'm just kidding. About the not following your blog part. Not the part about Jeff being a Pollock.

alexandra said...

Oh, and it's spelled Polack. My hubby just told me. I guess they're the only ones who know how to spell it correctly.