Friday, October 29, 2010

On Our Own

If your childhood was anything like mine then you remember a couple of things happening. You had foie gras with dinner about once a month, you would go to great lengths to be able to wear a leotard under your school clothes, (by great lengths I mean lying and stealing) and you had a precious few VHS tapes that you watched over and over again. Here are some of mine.

Goonies (I bought this for my kids on DVD when we had to take a road trip, but had to throw it away when Jonah said the 's-word' about thirty times in 10 minutes. After every time I yelled at him to never ever say that naughty word. When he said it for the 29th time I held the DVD in my hand and threatened to break it in half if he said it again. He looked at me in the eyes and said, "okay mom." Then he looked back at the TV. And when he saw that his Wii Mario Bros. guy had died because he was distracted, he said it for the 30th time.)

The Frog Prince (starring Aileen Quinn)

Princess Bride

Indiana Jones

Saturday's Warrior

On Our Own

Now if you haven't see On Our Own, you can just move along, there's nothing to see here.

But however, if this clip strikes a chord with you. Well, then your welcome..... to nominate me for awesomeness.

And after looking around a little on youtube, I'm discovering that the movie Rigoletto was also a bit of a cult classic. I had never even heard of it until high school when, well, I'd rather not discuss it.


Momma Nielson said...

I have never seen On My Own, but watching that clip made my day. Also seeing you at Costco:)

camilla said...

lol. Jordan has never seen the movie but he wants to now. Maybe we should bring it out on our next Scruggs family trip.

Nathan & Michelle Watabe said...

Oh yes we owned it! Sing it, "Hold on, hold on, we're on our own, we can make it together." Our best friends in California met at the call center that sells those cheesey movies!

The Galan Family said...

K I think we had the same childhood. We watched all those movies too. "On Our Own" was a family favorite. Except, I'll have to disagree with those lines being the top 10. Get my family together and we'll recite our favorites. Oh and we watched Rigoletto too. I wanna hear the HS story behind that one :) We were always getting those Feature Films for Families in the mail that you didn't have to pay for unless they were opened. We would always open them and watch them and my mom would get so mad because she ended up having to pay for all of them. Also, I will be calling you very soon :)

Eliza said...

My sister and brother and I watched On Our Own endlessly! Except, it has to have been 20 years since I saw it last and so I can barely remember anything from it. I remember them stealing the VW bug, and also stealing gas for it. I totally don't remember the old lady at all. I should really dust off the VHS shelf next time I visit my parents' house.

Team Gilmore said...

I LOVED On Our Own... The older brother was in my ward growing up and I always thought he was so hot:) Thanks for brining back the memory.