Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mr. Salahi? Was that you?

I hopped in Peter's car and noticed a $50 parking ticket. I looked at the ticket just close enough to notice that the ticket officer's last name was Niazi. Niazi? The name definitely warrants a Simsons laugh. Haa Ha. 

But then wait a minute. What's the make of the vehicle say? Two door Mercedes? One thing our '92 Avalon has never been confused with, is a Mercedes. 

Two options. Either officer Niazi is blind, or some d-bag in a Mercedes, got a parking ticket and thought that we'd be dumb enough to pay it if he stuck it on our car. Good one man. You have to get up prretty early in the morning... because we are dumb. Dumb like foxes!

Thanks to Andy Cohen, I have been able to narrow down my options of who did this. Because in D.C. there have got to be only like 5 or 6 self important luxury car drivers with no moral compass right?

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