Thursday, September 2, 2010

Things That I Wish Were Different Right Now

With a new school year looming ahead, (no we haven't started school yet) I'm starting to feel the stress of school life once again. One of my very few flaws is that I waste time thinking about things I can't change. Why do I do that? Totally unproductive. So to counter that, I instead try to think about unimportant things that I can't change. Here's a list I made:

Things that have no effect on my life, but I'd change them if I could.
  • I wish that Phil Collins was better looking.
  • I wish that Kirstie Alley hadn't gained a bunch of weight.
  • I wish that Meg Ryan hadn't done what she did to her lips. 
  • I wish that Kim Kardashian would just once leave the house without a full face of make-up. And confirm my suspicion that she looks like the V for Vendetta mask. 
  • I wish that I could see the actual expense list for a two million dollar wedding (you know like the one Chelsea Clinton just had?) I mean how do you even do that? What's the wedding dress made of--- one million dollars?
  • I wish I knew who Robert Downy Jr's life coach is so that I could hire him. How in the heckeroo do you make a comeback like that? 
  • I wish that Parker Posey and I were friends. (Pete, you'll never believe this, I just googled her and guess where she's from? Laurel MS!)
Random thoughts I know, but I do feel better. I'm currently on vacation so I've been reading a lot of US Weekly and OK mags. As you can tell.

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