Monday, September 27, 2010


I have a frenemy who gives me great fodder for this blog. But I've never written about it because I love her too much. She is a lovable elitist which is my favorite kind of person and she is a much better woman than I. Nevertheless she is a frenemy and I can't resist transcribing our latest conversation.

Frenemy: There is a guy who works at the gym child care that I want to ask you about. He totally gave me the creeps. He was dressed really sloppy and acting strange and it is pretty clear that he doesn't work out. Which makes me wonder why he wants to work at the gym, and in childcare nonetheless! As I was leaving he said in this weird voice, "Do you like Yo Gabba Gabba?" and I think he might be gay. Do you know what that guy's story is?

Me: Oh yeah, I know who that is, he had a stroke that left him mildly disabled. Nice guy though. Totally harmless.

Frenemy's hand flew up to her mouth, but she knew she couldn't take the words back. I knew who she was talking about after like one second of describing, but I just wanted to see how thin her filter was that day. Because it varies.


camilla said...

What if she sees this?

Pugsley said...

Makes me think of something my periodontist said today. Speaking of his 6 yr. old: "Sometimes I swear she's retarded--don't you think sometimes your child must just be retarded?" I said, "I know mine is, she has down syndrome." For once mouth Dr. was more speechless than patient.

Katherine said...

Oh gosh. I think Al's story might be equally amusing. Has your frenemy read TAMN's blog lately? You might refer her and then follow up for some stimulating conversation. :)