Tuesday, September 14, 2010


 I know that this may seem hard to believe, but every once in a while, no one laughs at my jokes. Okay, most of the time, no one laughs at my jokes.

Last month for example. I was teaching a lesson in church. And this lady raised her hand to make a comment. She started by saying, "When I was young, I remember hearing the word 'revelation' all of the time......" Then I interrupted the lady and said, "Well hey, that's a lot better than the word I used to hear all the time when I was young; the word 'disappointment.'"


Seriously nothing.

Come on that's a little funny!

That's why I love this Zack Galifinakis guy. Especially the Between Two Ferns thing he does on Funny Or Die. Totally relate.

Peter sent me the link to this the other day when I had to spend about three hours on the phone reseting a bunch of bank and credit card passwords. As this clip was running the guy on the phone from Capital One Bank who was helping me out said, "Okay, I've just reset your password. It should work now. When the page asks for your password, you just have to enter 'MUSIC123.'"
    I said, "Music 123?"
    He said, "Yeah, you know music, like the music you listen to?"
   "Ahhhh," I answer sarcastically, "I wasn't sure what kind of music you were talking about."


On the other end of the phone, as well as on the video clip I was listening to.

I started giggling at the awkward silence.  And, as usual, had a tough time finishing the conversation.


sara said...

Anytime you need a boost of self esteem give me a call, because I laugh at ALL your jokes!

Sarah d' said...

I was laughing so hard that you could have heard it echoing across the country. Why do you have to live so far away? I want you to be my neighbor so I don't feel like such a humor freak!

Golduck said...

I must say I grinned.

susan said...

I love Between Two Ferns. Have you seen the latest with Zach's brother hosting? I think my favorite one was Charlize Theron or maybe Bradley Cooper.

writer.elh@gmail.com said...

It thought it was funny and if I had been sitting in that lesson I probably would have snorted and drawn the attention away from you. No crickets when I'm around.

susan said...

Man, you need to watch this one! http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2010/10/galifianakis.html