Saturday, September 11, 2010

80's Night

I'm hanging wallpaper in the bathroom. There's 80' music blaring from the living room where Pete's watching TV. Suddenly he I hear him yell at the TV,

'"Do you want to go home and change?" Seriously dude? It's so obvious she's dressed up. I mean look, she's wearing pearls. Why would he say that? So lame."

Can you guess the movie he was watching?

Never knew Pete would get so worked up over a Molly Ringwald flick.

By the way, hanging wallpaper is the worst. A lesson I should have remembered from the 80's


camilla said...

I watched that the other night too!!!! Pete and I are so much alike.

Carrie said...

I always catch a peek at Pretty in Pink if it's on--too classic. But I love that Pete was watching!

The Powell Family said...

I hate that part, too. I've found myself saying the same thing, believe it or not. What an idiot, even if he is cute.

alexandra said...

What's worse than hanging wallpaper is taking it down. Took me almost an entire weekend and several bottles of that miracle stuff that's supposed to work (but didn't). Ang, if you want to have any resale value on your TH, don't do it!

And yes, I recognize that this is probably a little late, but I haven't been blog-hopping in a while.