Monday, August 16, 2010

Oregon Trail

Are we really friends?

If this strikes a chord with you, you'll know the answer is yes.

The Oregon Trail - Official Trailer - watch more funny videos

We'd play Oregon Trail at least once a week in the computer lab. The game ran slow as hell and I still don't know the difference between a floppy disc and whatever the other kind of disc was called. But I do know that if there was dirt on your disc, it would make the people in the game look like they had chromosome damage. Man did I love playing that game. Usually when I played I would really try to get to Oregon, but every once in a while I'd see how far I could get if I spent all my money on flour and bullets. Prrre--tty far if you don't cross any rivers.

 I would always choose the same name to be the Dad of our Pioneer family. My elementary school crushMichael George. eAhhh he was a totally radical dude, or as I liked to call him, dude-ical. But I don't think he returned the sentiment because he was always naming the mom of his Oregon Trail family poopface or Max Hedron or something really clever like that. 
  And it was always sorta sad when someone in your family died, sad until I learned what dysentery was. That just added a whole new dimension to the game. 

And remember the hunting?

Do kids still get to play hunting games in school? In my kids' school they get suspended for finger banging making your finger into a pretend gun. On Oregon Trail, you can actually shoot stuff, and kill it. Who cares if you hunt when you don't need to. Who cares if you kill 2000 pounds of meat and can't take any of it. Who cares if your hunter looks like a stormtrooper and not a pioneer. That's good learnin'. 


Wizzy said...

I laughed so hard I cried at this! Thank you for making my day. And guess what? I had a crush on Michael George too, I think every girl did! I even once left a bottle of crush pop on his doorstep with a note that said I have a "CRUSH" on you :) Now aren't you impressed?

sara said...

I love this. Aaron's brother Jake has a t-shirt that says "You have died of dysentery." Do they make a Wii version? I have such fond memories of playing this on the ol' Apple II GS.