Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Kelcy and Bryn

Two of my three sisters in-law have had birthdays this past week. I was thinking about them and remembered happy days when we were all college students living in Provo.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Good times.

Anyway, one of our (Pete and my) favorite things to do was play jokes on them. This one time we borrowed my sister's 'Clueless Hands Free Phone,' it was this cool phone and you could use it to change the tone of your voice. Pete called them up and with this real low creepy distorted voice he started listing all these really personal facts about them and then we said that we were going to get them. Totally freaked them out. It was pretty great.

Another time we had some extra doughnuts from a ward activity and didn't know what to do with them. So we decided to drop them off at Kelcy's place, and then Bryn's. Kelcy was home so we just gave her the doughnuts and left. Then when we got to Bryn's we noticed that her car was gone. So we had this great idea. We wrote a note that said, "Dear Bryn, you're hot, but your roommates suck." Then we put the doughnuts on the doorstep and ran.  Thinking back, I guess that might have been a tiny bit funny for Bryn, but not so much for the other roomies. I think they probably threw the note away because I never heard anything about it from Bryn. I am laughing out loud as a write this memory but I also feel really guilty inside. I'm a delicate flower of emotions.  And these are the types of shenanigans my in-laws have been putting up with for 11 years. 

Happy Birthday Kelcy and Bryn. On the spectrum of sister's in-law, I know how lucky I am.  I'm sorry for you that your brother didn't marry someone with a bit more compassion, self control, maturity, and blond hair. But would a girl like that ever marry Peter? Guess you're stuck with me. 

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