Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm with stoopid

Was it 60 Minutes? I think it was. Correct me if I'm wrong. When my brother David was in high school, he was featured in a 60 Minute segment on teens and sex. He had cameras follow him around for a week. The best part was, it happened to be the week of prom. And he had just so happened to ask a really hot girl to the prom. At the time, we all felt very cool and important. Looking back, it was pretty funny. Especially that part when the interviewer asked David what he thought about contraceptives. And with cameras rolling, he said, "What are contraceptives?"

So ten years later, I found this girls blog. And check out this picture. 

There is no note on the blog of the guy in the background of the picture so I have to think that they didn't notice him and were just trying to take a cute couples pic. Which makes it all even more hilarious.


MandoRama said...

I want to see that 60 Minutes segment. YouTube?

Anonymous said...

if you knew her, you would know that she probably DID see that and thought it was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Yes, she actually did comment on the shirt. She took the picture on purpose but that contraceptives thing is hilarious.