Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2010 Christmas Card

I need to start thinking about my Christmas card now. I missed 2009 which really bummed me out because it was a good year. Peter DIDN'T buy a bike, Ezra was born, and we ran out of gas three times.

I'm back on track now. And I even found a picture idea from the Awkward Family Photo site.

Anything for the shot.

These stair step kids could be mine. Anyone have a giant 5-paned window?


Elliot said...

I actually thought that picture was kinda cool looking until i saw that the baby was duct taped to the window! classic!

lesley said...

I still think it's cool... how funny! Do it.

alexandra said...

Yeah, love the duct tape. You could always shape the duct tape to look like wings - but I guess that would defeat the purpose.

Ashby said...

I saw that picture a few weeks ago and was crying I was laughing so hard. Ryan didn't think it was that amusing. Who duct tapes their baby to a window?!