Sunday, May 9, 2010


I'm waiting outside the art room at school to pick up my girls from their brownie meeting and this is what I saw when I looked down.

What are these called? Feet shoes? Well whatever they are, they're gross. But this picture is great right? So I said, "Wow look at those shoes, are they comfortable?"

He looks at me like I just asked him what water tastes like and goes, "Uh yeah they're comfortable." and then he rolled his eyes at me.

So I said, "Oh, cool."

And he couldn't just leave it at that.

"Sometimes I go jogging in them."

"Is that comfortable?"

"Is that a real question? Cavemen used to run barefoot all the time."

And I couldn't just leave it at that.

"Well I don't really think that caveman ever really chose to go out for a jog, and there was no such thing as pavement back then."

And thus began like a 15 minute heated discussion about cavemen and bare feet and when the concept of jogging started.


David said...

I've seen those a couple of times and they weird me out. I've always wanted to ask how long they take to put on, and if it takes even longer to take them off.

Nice pic! Was it taked before, after, or during the caveman conversation?

Sara S. said...

wow this is the first time i've seen them but what were they thinking when the bought them. nice pic did u ask him for it or casually take it while he was distracted w/ talk about cavemen. :)

Angela Jensen said...

I did not ask for permission. I had to be sneaky. I really wanted to to a waist up pic, but I didn't want to push my luck. Now I wish I would have because he is a real character to say the least.

Carrie said...

So funny that you posted these because I just spied a pair at the bike shop last night and asked the girl wearing them all about them. She said they totally suck at first! But she is trying to build up the strength to wear them more. And she's been jogging in them but she said it was way hard at first. I guess there is some documentary about African racers who ran barefooted for many years while training and they have fewer injuries because of it or something...

But they are weird looking. I am dying that I don't get to see the full body shot... the hairy legs alone are quite the story though :)

joven said...

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Pugsley said...

Barefoot running is really becoming the craze, thanks to a book called "Born to Run." Haven't read it and not planning on it--my feet hurt so bad with or without shoes.

Steve said...

looks like you opened pandora's box of footwear discussions

Cara said...

Those shoes creep me out. They look like they would be athlete's foot's best friend.

He sounds like he was pretty impressed with himself, what with the eye rolling and all.

alexandra said...

I've heard of the whole barefoot running thing and wanted to try it myself, but it seems to negate the purpose if you put on shoes like those. Did you ask him if they work on hot coals too?

Oh, and Ang, I totally needed to read something funny and went straight to your blog. Never a disappointment. Makes me want to get a phone with a camera feature. Does TracPhone carry one like that?

Katherine said...

Okay, they are called "Vibram 5-fingers." ...and I've ordered a pair. he he he. HOWEVER, I have NO intentions of wearing them out in public (other than on a run). That guy was looking for a fight.
You've got to read "Born to Run". You might just have a prehistoric change of heart.

Ms Lost Love said...

Stumbled across your blog and this made me chuckle...funny he brought up the caveman. One would think he would feel men have evolved/improved much since the caveman...good thing they didn't jump off bridges too!