Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's 2:30, my favorite time of the day. It's about this time every day that I decide to stop being productive. I don't have anything great to say but I'm tired of looking at the word ASS on my blog soooo . . . I'm sitting on the couch watching last night's American Idol finale. I'm done with this show--what a self-indulgent mess. You know who makes me the most mad? Kelly Clarkson. Her comments about "real" women are an insult to real "real" women every where. I hate the pressures that Hollywood puts on women, but sorry Kelly, you are bigger than you are supposed to be. Oh speaking of real women, miss Janet just came on. Nice shoes Janet-- okay fast forward.

I am glad the showmanship of the 80's has made its way back into the entertainment industry. Everthing's so flashy!

When I get my time machine up and running.... I am going to go back in time and tell my self to stop watching Idol after the Carrie Underwood season and spend more time working on world peace. I am also going to warn myself to stay away from boys named Jerome. That's good advice in general.

Oh boy, Lee won. Good job, I've already forgotten your last name. I can't wait to hear your forgettable song and see your Ford commercial.

Okay back to re-doing my bathroom floor.

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The Johnsons said...

Amen to that. I did not like American Idol at all this season, I bareley watched it and of course their names are forgetable.