Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I think I may be abusing the camera phone

Um, how great is Kristen Wiig's new hair? I took a quick shot so that I could remember it for my next haircut.

I saw the girl that cuts my hair at the gym the other day. I ran up to her with my iPhone so that I could show her this pic and ask her opinion. By the way, the last time I showed someone a picture of a haircut I liked was in the 90's. I was obsessed with Meg Ryan's short French Kiss hair. I showed a picture to a gal at Sizzors (yes, that's how the place is spelled) in Provo Utah. The girl looked at me and said, "Okay, not to be rude but do you want her hair? Or do you just really want her face and her body?" She gave me a close lipped smile and nodded her head knowingly as I looked down at the ground and left the salon. True story.

Back to 2010. I handed the stylist my iPhone to show her. She liked it and told me that she could do it. Then she touched the screen and accidentally switched pictures. That's when I realized the most of the pics on my phone are funny if you're planning on putting them on a blog, but sort of embarrassing if a random gym friend sees them.

So here's what she found. I felt like sucha moron trying to make up excuses for the pictures and get the phone out out of her hands.

Stericycle: Is it really necessary to advertise what's inside that truck? Sick.

I sweep up a pile this big every night. Ev-ery night.

And I had to take a picture of this lady we saw at CiCi's Pizza. This was taken just after Shea's toy helicopter took a wayward left turn into mulletsville. And was never seen again.


Lara said...

You have 5 kids--blame it on them. In fact my kids actually do take embarrassing photos with my cell phone all the time. said...

I agree with Lara. I blame that kind of stuff on my three kids all the time. I found weird pictures of my co-workers on my phone after I allowed my 9-year-old to come to the office with me.

Droidtastical said...

Im all for random photos but it gets kind of spooky when you don't know how the photo got there.