Thursday, April 8, 2010

Would you rather?

Would it be worse to realize you are married to a Tiger Woods or a Mr. Olivia Newton John?

Think about it for a second, don't just shout out your answer.

Do you know what's totally insane? The fact that I know people who have found themselves in both scenarios. I'm hoping that they are reading and will make a comment (anonymous of course) and tell me if they would have preferred the crappy hand they were dealt, or the other.

Do you know what else is totally insane? I led a yoga class for my daughters' brownie troop tonight. Halfway through the class, one of the girls dads came in and started doing the yoga poses with us. It was a little weird. And then at the end, I was standing off to the side and he came up to me and said, "I'll show you a warrior pose." And then he wrapped his arms around me and picked me up! I tried to pretend it didn't happen and scooted away from him a bit. And he said, "Did I just make you blush?" And then he did it again! What's wrong with people?

There just aren't words.

That is not okay. I mean I am trying to remember the last time a guy picked me up. It probably happened in college. But maybe not even then, I was sort of an angry confusing girl with a dry sense of humor, not really the kind of girl that guys like to pick up. As opposed to the sweaty unattractive mom of 5 girl that guys like to pick up.


Momma Nielson said...

No wonder you miss Pete. What a creeper!

Anonymous said...

Give me a "dead-and-back-again" husband ANY day over a cheating one...ANY DAY. At least when they are "dead", you still love, adore and admire them. When they're living with the ho-bag they cheated on you with, you don't have any of those "warm memories" of them...more like angry, bitter, and rejected. Looks like I need to make another appointment with my therapist. Oh! And thanks for feeding that cheating ex-husband of mine tonight...he said your Greek food was fabulous.

alexandra said...

Sweaty, maybe, but definitely not unattractive!

And yes, some people do have a lot of nerve. You should have hauled off and slugged the warrior pose right out of him.