Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break

With a new-ish baby and a traveling workaholic husband, we opted for a weekend trip instead of something big this past spring break. Well, the kids love amusement parks, I love chocolate, and Peter loves Philadelphia, so there was only one place for us. And so Easter weekend turned into a Tour de Pennsylvania. The plan was to head to Philly first so on Thursday night, I picked Peter up from the airport and we headed North. We decided to get a hotel in Delaware so I booked one in Newark. Delaware. To answer your questions, yes there is a Newark Delaware, and yes, that Newark smells like sulphur too.

Friday we woke up and drove to Philadelphia. Now you know how Philadelphia has the whole cheesesteak thing goin' on. I'm told that if you really want a true Philly cheesesteak, you have to go to one of two places. Geno's or Pat's. My neighbors are from Philly--and how. They told me that on one of their trips to Philadelphia their teenage son invited a friend--little Guatemalan kid, to go with them. They stopped for lunch at Geno's Cheesesteaks. The friend stepped up to order and as he mispronounced something on the menu, Gino himself cut him off with, "My parents had to learn English and so can you. Get the hell out." True story. Gotta love Philly.

So naturally we had to go there for lunch.

Now Peter was a Vietnamese speaking Mormon Missionary in Philadelphia so he wanted to drive by some of his old stomping grounds. We got in the car and started to drive into South (hell) Philly. We'd been driving for about 20 minutes when Jonah figures out that his seatbelt was stuck in the door so he couldn't buckle up. The problem was, there was no place safe enough to stop and open the door so he could fix it. My neighbor said that Philly is getting so bad that most people live in South Jersey and commute. You have to move to SOUTH JERSEY to get a better place?

Here is a picture of one of Peter's nicer appartments. Again, we couldn't really slow down, so it's not a great pic.
Picture this place when Peter tells you the story about how in his first day as a missionary, he had to eat balut (fertilized duck embryo) and then vomited into a stranger's kitchen sink.

Pete wanted to head to West Philadelphia next, and as much as I hoped that that part of town would look like a Will Smith video, I had to nix that option.

Come on Philly--get it together.

The trip got better, we finished it up by eating about 5 pounds of Hershey goodness and going on roller coasters at Hershey Park, but I'm not great at taking pictures, and I only got one. See below.