Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Night with Shiva, Vishnu and What's the Third One?

Whenever I am bored on a Saturday night and don't have anything to do, (which almost never happens) I go to the Pan Am Safeway. Unlike a grocery store in my home town, the grocery stores here are deadsville on a Saturday night. Oh except for the Indians. The only people in the store are me, and 5 or 6 groups of Indians. They all look like they've just barely arrived in America. How can I tell? A little thing I call deductive reasoning. First of all, they don't speak much English. Second, they can never figure out how to swipe their credit cards. Third they always have bed head--indicating that they haven't adjusted to this time zone. And finally, they are always buying crazy stuff. The three Indians in front of me in line tonight timidly stepped up to the checker and placed a store made coconut cake on the belt. After some effort, they figured out how to pay. When the checker handed one of them their receipts, they just put their hands up and gave him a smile and a head waggle. I guess they don't have receipts in India?
It's actually pretty cute. Reminds me of the Indians I met in college. Of course now they're all successful engineers, but back then, they too were shy newcomers. I invited them to my house for Thanksgiving so they could see how we celebrated an American holiday. My dad put turmeric in the potatoes to make them feel more comfortable and kept saying that it was so great to have these guys at our house because it was just like the very first Thanksgiving-- you know, with the Indians and all.
Anyway, "Indian Watcher" is a pretty fun game to play, next time I'll get pictures and show you what I'm talking about. Tonight I only got the chance to get a shot of a cop playing a game called "check the hobo's back pack." That game looked pretty fun too.


alexandra said...

I think that's because everyone who's been here for any length of time has graduated to attending the mall on Saturday night. I took Jeff to Tyson's last night to try on some watches and it was insane. Way too many people or "too much humanity" as Jeff put it. No wonder I only average a trip to the mall once a year, and usually in the morning of a weekday.

Ashby said...

Funny that your Indians look like they barely got here, and the ones I see daily were here before "us". Except mine aren't engineers, and they live off government subsidies, and are most often found drunk in the streets smoking peyote.

Crystal said...

Great post, and so true.

(And the "it was like the very first Thanksgiving" thing? Hilarious.)