Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Giggle Attack

I know that from the title, you think this'll be a sweet and innocent post. And I don't wanna mislead you, so I'll just come out and say that a giggle attack is much more mean-spirited than it sounds. But if you are plagued by them like me, you already know that.

I think it might be a way that I release stress. And I can't predict when I am going to have one, but when they come. They're bad. And humiliating. Giggle attacks are triggered by something I think is funny--not necessarily something that actually is funny. It starts with a chuckle, progresses to the kind of red faced laugh when no sound comes out and usually ends in tears. They've been known to last up to 30 minutes. At first people think it's funny, then they stop laughing and get annoyed that I can't get in control. I eventually have to leave the room. Now I know that nothing is really that funny. But it's just what I do.

I've had two this week, which is rare for me. The first one was the other day when one of my college friends came to visit and we went out for dessert. During the conversation she opened up to me about the eating disorder she'd had in college. It was a bad one. Devastating really. The worst anorexia I've ever seen-- and I grew up in SL valley. And bad bad timing for a giggle attack. Anyway, we were getting deep and she said, "Everyone kept telling me, 'stop doing this to yourself you are not fat' and I was like, 'Eff you!I know I'm not fat! I look way skinnier than you do!' "

That's funny to me.

I haven't had a lot ex-anaorexics open up to me, but I'm not sure there are many who would say something that honest. Which proves my theory that some people with eating disorders have body dysmorphia, but most of 'em are just trying to get ahead in life.

Anyway, I had a hard time calming down.

I had another one today. Okay but this is funny. I was at the helmet doctor. Oh sorry-- I mean the cranial technician's office. The nurse led us into the exam room and left a folder for me to look through. I opened up the folder and found a free gift.

A baby helmet calendar.

Really? I don't want to see my own baby in helmet. And you think I'd enjoy an entire calendar full of other people's deformed head babies?

Luckily this episode wasn't as bad and by the time the tech came it, it just looked like I had been crying, hard. And that's not as embarrassing as what she would have seen if she would have come in the room 5 minutes earlier.

One last thing if you're still reading. There is one way to trigger an episode on command. If we ever have the pleasure of being together at a late hour when things get slap happy. Ask me to tell the story about my mom's cousin and her tragic majorette accident.


Jenny said...

I think I had a giggle attack reading that.

camilla said...

i call them laugh attacks, it sounds less gay. Jordan calls them the giggles it sounds way gay. I got them every night when I was pregnant. I need one of those calenders.

sara said...

You should save that calendar for a white elephant gift exchange.

And a story that involves a majorette? That has GOT to be good.

Pugsley said...

That calendar's almost as bad as the western-themed down syndrome calendar we were solicited with last year: not too interested in seeing other people's kids with downs dressed up like 19th century prostitutes.

Team Gilmore said...

Ang, I get it, especially coming from the girl who peed her pants how many times in high school??:) I seriously love your blogs friend. You make me laugh. I love your honesty, wit and humor. You are beautiful. And I love that you made that girl go private. I'd be a little creeped out to, but still, anyone who doesn't have a private blog has to know they are asking for random followers:) Anyhow, just a month and a half left in the burgh...girl! When am I coming to Virginia - whenever you can fit me in!! talk soon.

HayesFamily said...

I really want a calendar. Can you get me one? I'd love it as a joke for my nephew.