Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Field Trip

I have a lot of great things to say about my 9 year old daughter. I also want to blog about how great it is to raise kids 12 miles outside of Washington D.C.. You just can't beat the field trips and the exposure to the working parts of our government. But I'd rather tell you about the awesomest thing I heard some kid say.
I hopped on a bus this morning with Eliza and we drove past the Einstein Statue, the Lincoln Memorial, the American History Museum and stopped in front of the Natural History Museum. It was a beautiful day and we were going to see the butterfly exhibit.
The teacher stopped on the sidewalk and waited for the class to gather before we all went inside. Well, the patch of sidewalk he picked happened to be right in front of a disadvantaged man who had a guitar hooked up to a small amp and was playing some Hendrix. He had a cigarette in his hand while he played and was actually pretty good. The class turned their attention toward him and started listening.
Then one of the kids in the class leaned over to the teacher and under his breath said,

"I'll bet he's just playing that guitar so he can buy more cigarettes." And before the teacher had a chance to respond, the kid turned toward the guitarist and shouted. "Hey man, get a job!"
No kidding!
I burst out laughing but the teacher didn't even crack a smile. Instead he gave the kid a talk about appropriate behavior. How do you keep a straight face when someone says something like that? I have no idea who this kid is but I'm gonna find out.
The field trip was okay. I have a real fear of moths so I wasn't too thrilled about being surrounded by butterflies and next time I won't be wearing orange flavored lip gloss because butterflies were trying to land on my lips. So I guess the highlight was that kid.


Lara said...

I love going on field trips to hear all the great conversations the kids have. I totally overheard two nine-year-olds trying to figure out what lesbians were on the last 3rd grade trip. I couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry about it.

The Watkins said...

How do you have time to be a chaperon on a field trip? Sounds like you better thank that kid for making it worth your babysitting money today.